We insure trucks. That’s what we’ve done for many years.

Eastern Atlantic was established in 1985 by the founder of one of the nation’s leading providers of 10-year major structural home warranties, Residential Warranty Company, LLC. In the beginning we insured the liabilities associated with these warranties. In 2002 our founder was presented with an opportunity to move into the truck insurance business and Eastern Atlantic was re-born. We gained a strong reputation insuring owner / operators and small fleets in our home state of Pennsylvania. After six profitable years we earned our A- Excellent rating from A. M. Best Co. in 2008 and have been renewed with stable outlook each year since. We have expanded into nine states and we’re represented by three general agents who enjoy exclusive access. These general agents market our products through a network of experienced independent insurance agents most of whom specialize in the transportation industry.

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  • …happy with the claim process.  It has gone smoothly and the process was explained and handled promptly.

    An Eastern Insured Georgia Trucker

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