Dashcam Reimbursement Program


Benefits of Using a Dashcam

    • Protection If You are Sued:  A dashcam video can provide evidence that the other driver was at fault and exonerate you.  Dashcam video evidence can lead to faster settlement, lower legal expenses and less time away from work.  A dashcam is your own personal expert witness.
    • Lower Your Insurance Premium:  Earn up to a 15% discount off your first year premium, or your next renewal.  (Subject to favorable underwriting review)
  • Promote Safety and Accountability:  Dashcams can be an important part of your safety program.  By analyzing accidents, near misses and other events, you can coach your drivers to become safer and more successful.  Dashcams provide opportunities for recognizing and rewarding good habits and improve driver retention.  You may even improve your CSA score.

Rights and Responsibilities

    • We will reimburse you up to $150 for each dashcam you purchase for all of your trucks.
    • Send us proofs of purchase.
    • Agree to use each dashcam in your business.
    • Preserve all accident videos.
    • Provide videos to our claims adjusters within 24 hours of an accident, or as soon as safely possible.
    • Do not upload videos to social media until claims are settled.
    • Allow us to use videos in our advertising and loss control program once all reference to you and others is removed.
    • You must be an Eastern Atlantic insured to participate.

How to Get Started

You can find dashcams at your favorite travel center, most electronics stores and at online retailers like Amazon.  Popular brands include KDLINKS, AUSDOM, ITrue, Z-EDGE, REXING, GARMIN, THINKWARE, UNIDEN and more.  Regardless which you choose, your dashcam must be capable of saving, uploading and sharing video data.

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(Available Exclusively to Eastern Atlantic insureds in AZ, GA, ID, MD, NC, OH, PA and UT)

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