Electronic Logging Devices – ELD

Estimated 95% compliance with ELD Mandate per Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.* If you are not yet in compliance, enforcement is underway.


ELD ENFORCEMENT IS IN FULL SWING. * From the April 9, 2018 issue of Transport Topics, used by permission, here are what three drivers had to say while undergoing a Level I inspection in Virginia on April 3rd:

  • A 29-year-old driver with six years’ experience hauling recyclable material for a Richmond, VA company said, “I’ll tell you what, I don’t want some guy who’s been driving for 16 or 17 hours next to me.”
  • Another driver, 61, hauling a load of Hyundai vehicles from Roswell, GA to Bowie, MD commented, “I like ELDs.  No paperwork. And when the ELD says your day is done, it’s done.”  He added that cheating on hours of service is “not worth it.”
  • A 46-year-old driver hauling orange juice from Eustis, FL to Boston, has been using ELDs for two years.  “I’m very happy with them,” he said.  “They take all the worry out of it.”

The inspector featured in the Transport Topics article, a 12-year veteran of the Virginia State Police, did not issue a single violation for ELDs that day. It appears the process of compliance with the ELD mandate is going much smoother than expected; however, those who are not yet compliant face serious consequences.

Unless you are exempt from ELDs, you will be subject to penalties that include 10 hours out of service immediately.  Then, you may proceed to the next closest destination on your route.  From there you or the company you haul for may be subject to further penalties if you are dispatched without an ELD.  Keep in mind also that local inspectors may impose fines at their discretion.

Are you prepared?  Know the facts.  The following links to the FMCSA’s website are intended to help you determine your status under the rule.  There are 11 numbered exemptions that you should read carefully.  This is information YOU NEED TO KNOW.  For those who are already compliant, we thank you for your diligence.  For those who may be exempt, we urge you to double-check.  In particular, the agricultural exemption has raised some controversy.  If this impacts you, click on item #9.  Similarly, if you pull mobile or modular homes, do you know if you are considered a Driveaway/Towaway operation?  Click on item #11 to find out.  What about Records of Duty Status (RODS)?  Click on item #2 and item #3 for more information.  Do you run a 2000 model year truck with an older engine?  If so are you exempt?  Click on item #4.  DON’T ASSUME.  Know what inspectors are looking for now that enforcement is underway.

The following links contain important information YOU NEED TO KNOW.





ELD Exemptions



(SPECIAL NOTE for LIVESTOCK HAULERS:  with the latest federal government funding bill signed into law, motor carriers that haul livestock will be exempt from the ELD mandate until September 30, 2018.)

We urge everyone who is required to use ELDs to GET COMPLIANT NOW.

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