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Please report all accidents or claims relating to coverage provided under your commercial auto policy
to Integrity Administrators as soon as possible after becoming aware of the accident or claim.

We insure owner / operators and small fleets.  We listen to your circumstances and try to meet your coverage needs based on your situation.  We see the bedrock of the insurance business as based on personal relationships; relationships that start with the trust you place in your independent agent.  They, in turn, look to one of our trusted general agents who have been doing business with us a combined total of more than 50 years. Our commitment to these strong relationships is key to our long-term goal of providing you with reliable, affordable insurance protection year after year. How can we help you?

Report your Claim Online

Report Claim

Toll Free Number to Report Your Claim:


Address for Claim Reporting Documentation:
P.O. Box 4499
Harrisburg, PA 17111

REMEMBER – Prompt reporting of an accident or claim is very important.
Failure to report could jeopardize your coverage.

Acord Loss Form
Acord Loss Form
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