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Ever hear the old saying “the only reward for work well done is more work?”  It’s a mixed blessing.  More work is great as long as you get paid, but what usually happens?  Your costs go up!  Fuel, taxes, tolls and yes…insurance.  Insurance is that necessary evil you have to put up with to stay in business.  Insurance companies are the ones who deny your claim when you need coverage the most and then have the nerve to raise your rates!  Those…fine, wonderful insurance companies…God bless ‘em.  Well, this blog isn’t going to try to explain why claims are sometimes denied, or get into the actuarial intricacies of rate making.  I’m not even going to bore you with statistics on how crashes on America’s highways are happening in greater numbers than at any time in the last 50 years.  You can see that almost every day.  What I am going to try to do is show you how to SAVE MONEY by insuring with Eastern Atlantic!

Now, for those five percent of Internet surfers who are still reading, let me get down to specifics.  If you don’t work with an independent insurance agent, I strongly suggest you find one.  He or she will be your advocate.  If you chose an agent who specializes in trucking, so much the better.  They have access to a variety of companies that also specialize in trucking.  Our agents have exclusive access to Eastern Atlantic.  No one else can get an Eastern quote.  If you’re already interested, please click here to get started.  However, you may want to read further to get some tips on how to get the best quote you can.  It may surprise you what our underwriters want to know. 

  1. Why are you shopping?  To get the lowest quote?  To obtain better coverage?  Dissatisfied with the way a claim was handled by your current company? 
  2. How do you find new drivers?  How much training do you provide?  Do you use the FMCSA’s PSP?  What does it take to make you fire a driver?   
  3. Do you use dashcams or similar event recorders?  Would you consider them?  What about safety meetings?  Awards for safe driving?  Penalties for unsafe operation? 
  4. Who does your maintenance?  If you run older trucks, do you follow a strict PM schedule?  What is your policy on replacing older trucks?  If you don’t have a policy, how do you determine when it’s time to trade?  Are you less concerned about newer equipment?
  5. What are your plans for you company in the next year?  In five years?  What are you doing to get there?  If you don’t have a plan, are you willing to think about one?

These are a few of the questions intended to help us get to know your attitude toward your business.  They help us determine if you are a “good risk.”   A bank isn’t going to give a mortgage to someone in the bad habit of not paying their bills. That makes them a poor credit risk. In insurance we apply schedule rating credits (or debits) based in part on questions 1 through 5.  It’s really about your attitude toward your drivers, safety, maintenance and your goals.  For example, some insurance companies shy away from older equipment.  But the small fleet operator who has his own mechanic and a tight maintenance schedule can usually keep trucks running years beyond their useful service life.  That translates to less risk for Eastern Atlantic, which means a LOWER PREMIUM for you.  Of course, this works both ways, but we’re guessing if you’ve read this far you’re probably dedicated to doing the right thing. 

If that describes you, what about it?  You have a story to tell that’s just about you and it could earn you credit for work well done.  We underwrite you as an individual.  Let us prove it.  Click “find an agent” now.

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