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That’s right.  They’re FREE!  As in they won’t cost you anything.  Zero.  Zip.  Nada.  Nothing.  No need for a money back guarantee because you don’t have to pay for them.  Well, actually, you do have to buy them first, BUT…AS SOON AS YOU SEND US THE RECEIPT and agree to USE YOUR NEW DASHCAM, we’ll send you a check for up to $150.00 for each dashcam you put in each truck insured by Eastern Atlantic.  So, they’re FREE!

Wait a minute you might well say.  What if  they cost more than $150.00?  Ok…point taken.  But, have you priced dashcams lately?  Go ahead.  Google dashcam prices.  Do it now.  We’ll wait.  (We’re streaming “Stairway to Heaven” while you search, so take your time.  It’s only the greatest rock song of all…) Oh, you’re done?  That was fast.  What did you find out?  Uh-uh.  Just as we thought.  Here’s one for $119.99.  There’s another for just $50.66.  Other prices found totally at random are $46.99, $59.99, $39.98 and even $19.99.   Dashcams are available at Amazon, Walmart, Travel Centers of America, Best Buy and a lot of other places.  You can spend more if you want.  We Googled “most expensive dashcam” and found one by Garmin for $299.99 and another, from Thinkware, for $379.99.  If money is no object,  a “FLIR Infrared camera”  can be yours for a mere $22,880!  We’ll gladly reimburse $150.00 of that too.  The point is dashcams come in a wide range of prices.  $150.00 will get you a really good dashcam. 

Hold on, you might next say.  What about monthly service fees?  In a word, NO FEES EVER! Okay, that’s three words, but we don’t have fees…of any kind…EVER!  Our Dashcam Reimbursement offer is ONCE AND DONE…PERIOD.

Now I hear you saying, but insurance companies don’t just give stuff away.  There has to be a catch. 

Wow!  Talk about sales resistance!  But, we get it.  The insurance industry has an image problem.  Okay, time for a story: 

You’re in your truck with NO dashcam.  You’re approaching a four-way stop.  There’s a four-wheeler approaching the stop sign to your right, but he’s far enough back you’ll have plenty of time to proceed through the intersection before he comes to a complete stop.  BUT…HE DOESN’T STOP.  In fact, he hits the gas!  As you stand on your brake pedal, you T-bone him on the driver’s side.  No witnesses.  His car is totaled.  He’s hurt.  The police arrive and the injured driver says “that truck ran the stop sign and hit me.  I’ll sue!”  The officer writes you a ticket.  Of course, you tell what actually happened, but it’s your word against his.  Your insurance company defends you because that’s their job, but without evidence to prove your side of the story, it won’t be easy.  It will take a lot of time and money. 

It should be obvious how different this scenario would play out if you had dashcam video proving the four-wheeler ran the stop sign. 

So, here’s the “catch”:

  • You must agree to use your dashcams. 
  • You must agree to preserve accident videos and upload them to us. 
  • You must agree not to share the videos on social media until the claim is settled.     

Not a bad “catch” when you think about it.  You can even use your dashcams to coach your drivers.  The videos can reveal poor habits like following too closely.  If you can correct this before an accident happens, how much would that be worth to you?   

To get started, visit us online at:  If you’re not insured with Eastern Atlantic click the blue “Quick Quote” button.  If you are an insured, just answer five short questions and click the orange “SUBMIT” button.  And remember, your dashcams are free, there are no fees and the “catch” is you just have to use them.    

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